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Mar Menor

Mar Menor. Playa de Colon  in Santiago de la Ribera The Mar Menor salt lake bathes the municipalities of San Javier (town of Santiago de la Ribera and most of La Manga), San Pedro del Pinatar (towns of Lo Pagán and Los Cuarteros), Los Alcázares and Cartagena (towns of Los Urrutias, Los Nietos and part of La Manga).

The southernmost point is the Cabo de Palos lighthouse, which is very near five islands of volcanic origin. Three of them are large (Isla Perdiguera, Isla Mayor -also called del Barón- and Isla del Ciervo, whereas the other two are small (Isla Redonda -also known as Rondella- and Isla del Sujeto.

The lagoon and adjacent wetlands have been declared by the United Nations as specially protected areas of Mediterranean importance (Barcelona Convention).

  • Salt flats and sand areas of San Pedro del Pinatar: to the North of La Manga del Mar Menor, in the San Pedro del Pinatar municipality. Protected as Wildlife reserve and SPA (Special Protection Area)
  • Mar Menor islands and open spaces: The five volcanic islands in Mar Menor are protected within this category: Isla Perdiguera, Isla Mayor/del Barón, Isla del Ciervo, Isla Rondella and Isla del Sujeto. The natural areas of Lo Poyo salt marsh, Carmolí (both in Cabezo and at the marina), La Hita beach, Cabezo de San Ginés and Marchamalo salt flats, are also protected. All these places in the municipalities of Cartagena, Los Alcázares and San Javier are considered protected wildlife reserves.
  • The island Isla Grosa, which has the same volcanic origin as the Mar Menor islands abovementioned, is also included in the wildlife reserve of Mediterranean Islands, even if it is not in the Mar Menor salt lake.

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Mar Menor. Playa de Colon  in Santiago de la Ribera
Mar Menor. Playa de los Nietos
Mar Menor. Las Encañizadas
Mar Menor. Las Encañizadas
Mar Menor. Lo Pagan
Mar Menor. Baños de lodo
Mar Menor. Los Urrutias
Mar Menor. Playa de la Puntica
Mar Menor. Playa de Manzanares en Los Alcázares
Mar Menor. Playa Honda
Parque Regional Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar
Playa de la Mota

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