Guided tour of Bullas

Facade of the House of Mr. Pepe de Marsilla The visit starts in the Tourist Office that is on the right-hand side as you drive into town. Before knew the day was going to be cold, but that did not stop us to come and visit Bullas for the very first time.
As soon as got here, we were given different types of brochures of the area and information on the town's famous Wine Museum, which is actually in the tourist office.
Some of the highlights of this visit are: House of Mr. Pepe de Marsilla, Plaza de España where we can visit Melgares House and the church Our Lady of Rosary. Later we went to Calle de la Tercia where we found the House of Mr. Juan de Gloria Artero, the House of Mr. Juan Martinez Carreño and the House of the Marsilla Pascual Family. The next step is Calle de Los Fieles where the famous Clock Tower is, and lastly, the visit stops in two more houses: the House of Mr. Blas-Alfonso Marsilla Molina, which I think is the prettiest, and House of the Figueroa Family, in front of which there is a traditional bakery and confectioner selling the famous torrijas (some say here you can buy the very best ones in town).
Once the tour is completed, we couldn't leave the town without letting our adventurous spirit free, so we went to the famous Usero waterfall and the source of the Mula River which according to the tour guide, had not been seen for years. 
This town is certainly worth visiting because of its beautiful landscapes and peculiar river flowing over the road.
Facade of the House of Mr. Pepe de Marsilla
Wine cellar of the House of Mr. Pepe de Marsilla
Melgares House
Church Our Lady of Rosary
House of Mr. Juan de la Gloria Artero
House of Mr. Juan Martinez Carreño
House of the Marsolla Pascual Family
Clock Tower
Figueroa Family House
beautiful views near the river source
Mula River source
Usero Waterfall

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