Casa Melgares The town of Bullas is in the Northwest District of the Region of Murcia. The village is carved out by the course of the Mula river, where visitors can enjoy a highly recommended site: Salto del Usero, a beautiful natural pool of water. As many other places in the area, Bullas was inhabited by Romans, Visigoths and Arabs, although its name was not coined until the 12th century, when the king Alfonso X gave Bullas and the castle to the neighboring town of Mula. Bullas gained back its independence in the year 1689.

Since ancient times, Bullas has been tied to the vine and wine culture, with many wineries dotting the municipality. Bullas is now part of the Wine Route and has a Wine Museum exhibiting some ancient techniques and archaeological remains that comprise the rich cultural heritage of this town.

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Casa Melgares
Casa típica
Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Rosario
Torre del Reloj
Casa don Blas
Salto del Usero
Vistas cerca de Bullas
Casa Familia Figueroa
Casa don Juan de Gloria Artero
Casa Familia Marsolla Pascual
Nacimiento del río Mula


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