Guided tour of Caravaca de la Cruz

Vista desde Cuesta del Castillo Caravaca is known for its cultural charm and religious vibe, evoking strong emotions in the locals when they Virgin figures and the famous Caballos del Vino (meaning "wine horses").
The main monuments in Caravaca are: the Shrine, starting point of this guided tour, the Immaculate Conception Church, the Marquis House, the Jesuit Church, El Salvador Parish Church, the City Hall Square and lastly the Caravaca de la Cruz Castle or Sanctuary, accessed through a slope street (known as Cuesta del Castillo).
After checking out these places the guided tour ends, but not the possibility of enjoying Caravaca: just opposite the Castle exit there is a staircase leading to the City Hall Square and the city center.
The tour does not include the highly recommended Marquis Fountain, accessible through the road that runs next to the Shrine. Go straight until you find the sign "Fuentes del Marqués" on the right hand side. Keep going until you find a small esplanade with olive trees where you can park. If you go to Caravaca, make sure to check out Fuentes del Marqués. If the weather is nice, you can go for a stroll or lay down to enjoy the views of the vegetation and the river banks. There is also a restaurant and hotel for those wanting accommodation.
Lastly, if you want to eat you have to make a stop at Bar 33. It is in the town's old headquarters, near Carmelite Convent. It does not matter what you order because it is all good and cheap…having said that, I loved the quail eggs with garlic and paprika.


Vista desde Cuesta del Castillo
Torre de los Pastores
Casa del Marqués
Iglesia de los Jesuitas
Cuesta de los Poyos
Detalle Iglesia de El Salvador
Fachada Ayuntamiento
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Castillo de Caravaca
Fuentes del Marqués

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