Caravaca de la Cruz

Castillo de Caravaca de la Cruz Iberians, Romans and Muslims all settled in the town of Caravaca de la Cruz, which expanded around its castle, built by the Knights Templars in the 15th century. As legend has it, the Moorish king Abú Zeid converted to Christianity in 1232 after seeing two angels come down from heaven to help a imprisoned priest to celebrate Mass. This legend motivated locals to build Santuario de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Sanctuary) inside the fortress compound, certainly the main monument in the area. The Pope granted Caravaca the Jubilee, allowing this town to commemorate a Jubilee Year every seven years. The town is the fifth worldwide to be awarded this distinction.

Caravaca de la Cruz is also an exceptional setting for rural tourism, with many cottages and leisure and outdoor activities, including, walking, trekking and horse riding. Fiestas de Los Caballos del Vino, meaning Festival of Wine Horses, held every year on May 1-5, has gained international recognition and opened new tourism opportunities for this lovely town.

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Castillo de Caravaca de la Cruz
Panorámica de Caravaca de la Cruz
Paisaje. Caravaca de la Cruz
Fuentes del Marqués
Estatua Caballos del Vino
Casa del Marqués
Museo Arqueológico
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Cuesta de los Poyos
Iglesia de la Purísima Concepción
Parroquia El Salvador


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