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Don Pepe Museum

Calle Rosario, 1
30180 Bullas Telf:  968 657 211, FAX: 968 653 914
museodelvino@bullas.es / Company Website

Spanish name: Museo Don Pepe

Fachada Museo don Pepe Don Pepe was an important landowner in the area. The outer side of the building renovated in the 19th century is clearly visible: the oldest part is yellow and the newest part blue. The size of this museum also draws attention because it pretty much covers the entire street. Two other interesting features are the beautiful floor tiles originally used in a Neogothic chapel, and the modernist interior areas.
The house tour is led by the owner and his servant Rosario, who offer thorough explanations of each room. Despite previous acts of vandalism, the floors, staircase and many ornaments are original. Generally speaking, everything is well decorated but two areas stand out: the living room, with its white linen and candelabras, and the kitchen, used to feed the workers (there is a smaller kitchen for the lords).
Two peculiar features are the food and winery, which remain unchanged for 113 years (migas, empedrado rice, rin ran...). Winery floors are at an angle to facilitate liquid drainage. Each earthenware jar has an approximate capacity of 5000 liters. 
Fachada Museo don Pepe
Museo don Pepe
Museo don Pepe
Museo don Pepe
Museo don Pepe
Bodega Museo don Pepe
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