A day surrounded by history and nature

Celda castle Any time of the year is perfect for walking through Muslims ruins next to the colorful plains of Caravaca

Between Caravaca and Barranda, in the very heart of the Caravaca plains, there are a number of small villages and countryside lots perfect for a day trip. Nothing like a walk surrounded by the bright green, brown, red, orange and yellow colors of nature. After a little walk to La Capellanía homes, we head deep into the core of the high planes with their large hay stacks. Near La Capellanía there is a wonderful view of Castillo hill, on top of which lay the remains of a Muslim fortress. Walking up and inside the castle at Castillo de La Celda is certainly an adventure achievable only by those with plenty of energy! After leaving behind a stony and rocky area, we reach a fortified zone and see the old tower walls, as well as the perimeter wall and barrel vault cistern. Although not much stands from the fortress, the views are spectacular: the rocky mountains tops at Loma Macea, a small lagoon visited by waterbirds during the migratory season, and the vast high planes. On the way back down, we can enjoy the ravine with its giant reed, weeds and grass, all perfumed by the ever present aroma of thyme.

We can also rest next to the La Capellanía fountain and enjoy the delicious local cold meats and breads. After a little break, it is time to get back to the chapel and see sheeps and horses in the area of Poyos or take a lovely walk in Loma Macea.

Celda castle


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