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Beaches near Tiñoso Cape

Tiñoso Cape The natural beaches and coves of the unique setting of Cabo Tiñoso are aisolate beaches, as they are only accessible on foot trails, with the exception of La Azohía. The beauty of these remote coves, together with the peace of trekking, are a perfect combination guaranteeing to make day out in nature simply lovely. This page contains information on how to get to each cove.
Cala Cerrada, a cove looking like a natural port, is connected to an easy trail that can be spotted from the start of the walk.
Between Salitrona and Pozo de la Avispa, two coves accessible from the same trail, there is a spectacular "nameless" cove of white the point that going for a dip will be simply irresistible. An absolute jewel for cove lovers.
Continuing on that trail or walking from Campillo de Adentro, you will get to the coves of Bolete Grande, Boletes and Aguilar. Cala Boletes, which can be seen from the old civil guard barracks currently private-owned, has wonderful views of Tiñoso Cape.
On the way from the coves Bolete and Aguilar, there are smaller coves of clear water and lovely views of the cape.
Cabo Tiñoso is a not-to-be-missed destination for cove lovers visiting the Region of Murcia.
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Tiñoso Cape
Cerrada Cove. Tiñoso Cape
Salitrona Cove. Tiñoso Cape
Cove between Salitrona and Pozo de la Avispa. Tiñoso Cape
Pozo de la Avispa Cove
El Bolete Grande Cove. Tiñoso Cape
El Bolete Cove
Aguilar Cove
Azohía beach. Tiñoso Cape

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