Murcia, Stories and Legends

Romea Theater Going for a lovely stroll in Murcia's old headquarters, allows you to turn back in time and listen to interesting stories and evoking legends occurred in the most typical corners and places of the city. The bell ringer legend, the foundation of Murcia, the apparition of the Virgin in Iglesia de la Merced, as well as the headless ones in Calle Siervas de Jesús, are just a few examples.


  • Cathedral: The bell ringer legend and the chain in the chapel Capilla de los Vélez.
  • Chapel Capilla del Pilar and its origins.
  • Plaza de Santa Catalina, Legend of Casa Encantada.
  • Church Iglesia de la Merced and legend of Virgen de los Remedios.
  • Old Bridge and legend of Virgen de los Peligros, the virgin protecting those in danger.
  • Legend of the headless house in Calle de Siervas de Jesús.
  • Plaza de las flores, Plaza de Romea (Romea Theater).
  • City streets including Trapería, Platería, etc...
Romea Theater
Old Bridge, Virgen de los Peligros
StreetTrapería coming from Santo Domingo

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