Eclectic, Modernist Architecture in Murcia

Edificio Zabalburu (fue el Hotel Victoria) In the late 19th  and early 20th centuries, eclecticism and modernism were two architectural art styles that beautifully shaped some of our streets and squares

Wavy, modern constructions inspired by water plants and taken from the analysis of classical and byzantine periods; geometric shapes typical of the mudejar art and detailed wrought-iron works, are just a few examples that can be seen in the creations of José Antonio Rodríguez (Casa Díaz Cassou), Pedro Cerdá, (Casa Cerdá) or the regal Casino de Murcia.

Guillamón House
Zabalburu Building
Palace of Díaz Cassou
Los Nueve Pisos Building
Old Las Luisas School
Pedro Cerdá Building
Home Association of Hunters
Alegría de la Huerta House

Edificio Zabalburu (fue el Hotel Victoria)
Edificio de los nueve pisos
Casa Guillamón

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