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Stone by stone in the Valley of Ricote

The Valley of Ricote is located in a morphological and structural unit in the Subbetic mountain ranges.
The route starts in Plaza de la Constitución in the town of Ulea and continues around the rocky mass of the mountain range. The streets lead to a narrow road, with the orchards on the left-hand side and the mountain on the right. After going next to the Villar Felices waterwheel one arrives to Salto de la Novia, waterfall full of rites and legends. From the area near the river, visitors can see the rock strata comprised of sediment layers. The force and movement of the tectonic plates has formed folds which in the case of Salto de la Novia are almost entirely vertical.
Time: 2 hours (return)
Length: 6 kilometers (return)
Type: Lineal
Start: Plaza Constitución (Ulea)
End: Estrecho del Solvente
Slope: 135 meters
Difficulty: Easy



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