Ojós This little village in the heart of the Ricote valley has a distinctive Moorish past that breathes in its steep, narrow streets. In fact, the very name Ojós comes from the Arab word Hosos, meaning "orchards".

A little walk through the center of the village, certainly its most picturesque feature, reveals the excellent condition of its old medieval structure. Ojós depends on the Segura river, which supplies it with water for its multiple irrigation buckets, ditches, dams, hence contributing to the growth of hundreds of palm trees in a landscape surrounded by a magnificent mountain range.

Some of the most interesting places in the area are a crag known as Pila de La Reina Mora, a place known as El Salto de La Novia where a local legend lives on, and El Solvente, a place housing the small dam used for management of Tagus-Segura diversion waters.



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Salto de la Novia in Ojós
Noria del Olivar in Ojós
Noria de Ribera in Ojós
Limoneros in Ojós
Lavadero in Ojós
El Solvente in Ojós
Iglesia de San Agustín in Ojós
Ayuntamiento de Ojós
Azud de Ojós
Puente Colgante in Ojós
Canovas street in Ojós
Mayor street in Ojós
Río Segura en Ojós
Bizcochería Artesana


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