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Alhama Castle

Cerro del Castillo
30840 Alhama de Murcia Telf:  968 630 000

Spanish name: Castillo de Alhama
Castles on the way to Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras

Alhama Castle Islamic fortress from the 11th and 12th centuries that sits on a sheer hill overlooking the town and the old route of the Guadalentín Valley. The Alhama Castle was one of many border fortresses, with the Kingdom of Granada to the South and the Kingdom of Aragón to the North.
The castle has two clearly differentiated areas: one for political-military use and the other for population accommodation and protection. One of the castle's main features is Torre del Homenaje, a tower with full elevation and decorative paintings inside. The archaeological remains found in the castle have allowed historians to document the different Muslim domination periods up until the 13th century. In the last third of the 14th century, the castle and town of Alhama, together with other regional towns, were the property of the Fajardo family. After the conquest of Granada, the castle was no longer a border fortress and people migrated, causing it to deteriorate in the following centuries.
Note:Visits are only allowed during archeology events.
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Alhama Castle
Alhama Castle
Alhama Castle
Alhama Castle

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