Alhama de Murcia

Plaza Vieja The history of Alhama de Murcia is that of a town closely linked to hot springs. In fact, the most important archaeological remains of this municipality are the Roman Baths, built in the 1st century, where visitors can walk through the thermal spa and recreational area of a typical Roman bath. Muslim footprints are also felt in the Guadalentin valley town; in fact, the name "Alhama de Murcia" itself comes from the times of Arab domination, who called this town Al-Hamma, meaning Bath Castle. Sierra Espuña and Sierra Carrascoy, are two mountains ranges protected as natural wilderness. Sierra Espuña, which is the flagship of all regional parks in Murcia, provides many options for hikers, climbers and regular visitors, who can enjoy some picturesque sites such as Pozos de la Nieve (ancient constructions where our ancestors stored ice).

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Plaza Vieja
Ayuntamiento de Alhama de Murcia
Casa de la Tercia
Plaza de las Américas
Centro Cultural V Centenario
Centro Cultural Plaza Vieja
Iglesia de la Concepción
Iglesia de San Lázaro
Jardín de los Mártires
Museo Arqueológico
Jardín de los Patos
Alhama de Murcia. El Pozo
Museo Arqueológico Los Baños
Castillo de Alhama
Panoramic Views of Alhama from Sierra de la Muela


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