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Traces of the Past in the Valley of Ricote

Itinerario El Valle de Ricote has been home to many cultures because of its extraordinary river bank resources  and location in a transit route between the fertile high- and middle-meadows of the Segura River. Scientists say there are still archaeological sites and remains hidden under the valley soils.
Cabezo del Tío Pio Site: You can access this archaeological site from the road connecting Archena to the A-30 freeway. Take the road from Archena to the cemetery, where this route starts. Go West and take the path leading to the ruins of the old powder keg, which blew up in the summer of 1963.
Blanca Castle: To access the castle, go to Plaza de la Farola and take the street Federico Servet. Before getting to the City Hall, take a right and go up the narrow streets of the Medieval Headquarters. On your walk, you'll go pass "peña negra", the spot that resulted in the Muslim name of this town. A staircase leads to the top of the fortress above the river course, certainly an strategic enclave. From the top you can see the towns of Abarán and Cieza, as well as La Corbetera (remains of a fortified grain house) and the wetlands of Azud de Ojós.

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