Panorámica desde el Castillo Blanca, meaning "white" in Spanish, is a small village located in the Segura valley, a gorgeous natural setting surrounded by mountains and irrigated by the Segura river. The history of Blanca can be linked to the archaeological remains in its 12th-century castle. Paradoxically, the name Negra, meaning "black", was used to refer to the people who inhabited this area dominated by the sun-calcined Massif. Negra, today's town of Blanca, was a key element of this Moorish valley known as Ricote. El Castillo is the name given by locals to their castle, built on the so-called Peña Negra crag during the many centuries of Islamic domination.

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Panorámica desde el Castillo
Azud de Ojós
Cabezo de Corona - Cabezo de la Cobertera
Calle Generalisimo
Calle Teatro
Casa Don Carlos
Ermita de San Roque
Iglesia San Juan Evangelista
Lavadero Público
Mucab Fundación Pedro Cano
Noria de Miguelico Nuñez
Parque de las Cuevas
Piraguista en el río Segura
Plaza 18 de Julio
Puente de Hierro
Pintor Pedro Cano street


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