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El Berro-Gebas Ravine Route

El Berro-Gebas Ravine Route From the Sierra Espuña campsite, go to the center of El Berro and after the second restaurant, take the road GR-MU 252 and PR-MU69 from El Berro to Gebas. Take the staircase on the right to the old panning, which is on the left.
Go right next to climbing routes opposite Bajo el Cejo Inn and walk down through almond trees to the pine forest. Pass the GR-MU 252 road on our left and go up PR-69. Cross over the ravine and get to the Taibilla Water Transfer booth, from where a path leads to a road that ends in a crossroads. There, take a left. Here the road ends and another path starts. After a few curves, leave the hillside behind and reach the highest point in the route, El Berro (629 m), where the views are magnificent. 
On the way down, take the road on the left and go through a forest alternating steep and flat areas. Eventually the top part of a spur is reached; there, there are impressive views of the reservoir and ravines of Gebas
After the electricity tower, the descend is more steep. Go down the path to the RM-315 road all the way to La Mariposa Inn. On the left there is a road to Casas de Abajo; cross over the Algeciras ravine towards Casas de Arriba and from there to the old Mula road, where you should take a left to the Chapel.
To return to El Berro, go back through the GR-MU 252 until the house of Tio Zorijas. Take the walk down until you see a water canal which was built to supply water to a dam ... that was never fully built! From the canal, take a path up to La Noguera and connect with the GR-MU 252 road leading to the starting point.
Distance: 7.83 kilometers, around 2.5 hours (nonstop)
El Berro-Gebas Ravine Route

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