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Facilities and maintenance of terrestrial and satellite TV. Specializing in antennas for satellite reception.

Su is a company specialized in installation, management, maintenance and repair of any TV network, including TV head-ends, cable networks, coaxial and fiber optics, amplifiers and domestic equipment.

We have over 10 years of successful experience in a big variety of scenarios, from  small and simple networks to more complex and big ones in residential with over 3000 houses, flats and villas. Our scope varies from a simple user to a broadcast network with multiple elements and nodes.
We are a legal certified and registered company Reg: 11078, currently situated in Cartagena with ability to operate in most of the region of Murcia.
One of our special tasks is to upgrade and maintain existing networking at a very low cost giving it more reliability and working hours.
Our aim is to establish the best service at the lowest cost, and making life easier for our client
If you have a problem we will sort it out
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