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Sierra de la Pila Regional Park

Protected Wildlife Reserve
Molina de Segura, Abarán, Blanca, Fortuna and Jumilla

Protected Wildlife Reserve

Sierra de la Pila This wildlife park, part of the Subbetic mountain range, runs through the municipalities of Molina de Segura, Abarán, Blanca, Fortuna and Jumilla. The park is divided in two parts by the ravine of Barranco del Mulo: in the western part we find Caramucel, a 1023-meter high hill, whereas on the Eastern side the highest peaks are La Pila (1264 meters) and Los Cenajos (1200 meters).
Like most Regional Parks, this one is part of the Red Natura 2000 Network, the Natural Resource Management Plan and the site of Community importance list. Most of the park is also categorized as a Special Bird Protected Areahome to many unique species, including choughs or cucalas, golden eagles, pilgrim hawks, Bonelli's eagles and Eurasian eagle-owls. 
The vegetation is mostly junipers, pines and holm-oak forests, as well as other typical plants in Southeast Spain, such as palm trees, strawberry trees, buckthorn, and cornicabra olive trees and dill.
Sierra de la Pila


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