Molina de Segura

La Menina This city is the district administrative, legal and commercial capital of the fertile mid-meadows of the Segura river. The history of Molina de Segura is closely linked to the canning industry and related sectors, all contributing to the significant economic development of this town. Numerous Iberian, Carthaginian, Roman and Arab remains reveal that Molina has always been a place of pilgrimage and crossroads between the coast and the high plains. The main Arab construction is the wall surrounding a fortress built between the 9th and 13th centuries.

As for leisure, there are multiple options: the highlight is the protected area of Humedal de Ajuaque y Rambla Salada, a lovely wetland and ravine; the Regional Park of Sierra de la Pila, is also very nice and a perfect place to see native species of this mountain range.

Molina de Segura is also known for its devotion to theater; in fact, it has one of the oldest theater festivals in Spain.

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La Menina
Parque de la Compañía
Edificio del Ayuntamiento
Ermita de San Roque
Ermita de la Consolación
Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
Chimena de la Cerámica
Alcazaba. Mirador del Castillo
Museo Horno del Concejo
Antigua estación de tren. Cruz Roja
Paseo de los Rosales
Sala de exposiciones el Jardín
Sala de exposiciones la Cárcel
Teatro Villa de Molina
La Dama de Molina
Homenaje a la mujer
Noria de la Compañía
Vía verde del Noreste
Molina de Segura


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