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Beaches of Calblanque

Coves Magre, Arturo and Calblanque. Calblanque beaches in Murcia
The beaches of Calblanque are included in the regional network of protected wildlife reserves, inside a park known as “Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila”.
Its beaches of golden sand, soft dunes and pristine waters, make a typical Mediterranean landscape, certainly one of the best preserved in the Region of Murcia.
Do not look for beach stalls or public or private services....there aren't any. This is a place for nature, mountains, flora and fauna. Although access in the summertime is limited due to the large number of visitors, any other time of the year you can enjoy a wonderful, peaceful swim or go trekking along this incredible coastline.
Road access is very easy from the La Manga freeway and parking not a problem as there are a quite a few parking lots. Having said that, the true charm of this place is best felt trekking on its trails or walking barefoot on any of its beaches. From any of the Park's elevations, the views are spectacular.
Nudity is allowed in all the Park beaches and it is easy to see people with and without clothes enjoying the beach in harmony. In addition to the beaches, you will find remote coves where you can enjoy a peaceful swim...but to do that, you first need to find them in a hike! 

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Coves Magre, Arturo and Calblanque. Calblanque beaches in Murcia
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