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Beaches in Mazarrón

Beaches in Mazarrón. Percheles Beach Mazarrón has 35 kilometers of coastline and a large variety of beaches, some in urban areas with all kinds of services, others more isolated and a good number of them in natural or nudist areas in the Protected Wildlife Reserve of Sierra de las Moreras. The most popular Mazarrón beaches are those of Puerto de Mazarrón, as they are a favorite spot for many people in the Region of Murcia. The fully serviced beaches of Puerto de Mazarrón are considered one of the most important tourist destinations of Costa Cálida.
The coast of Mazarrón has urban beaches like those between the town of Puerto de Mazarrón and the North area, on the border with the municipality of Cartagena. There are also urban beaches on the South coast of Puerto de Mazarrón all the way to Bolnuevo, area where a natural environment with some nudist beaches starts.
To access the nudist beaches, go from Puerto de Mazarrón to Bolnuevo, where the road goes up a little hill with beautiful views of the coastline. Shortly after, you will be driving on a dirt road that runs parallel to all the coves. At the beginning of the dirt road, a sign listing the different coves will inform you of whether they are nudist or not (strangely, the words chosen are "clothes" and "no clothes" for nudist) According to the sign, Rincón is the first nudist beach going from North to South, along the way, whereas Leño is the last cove on this route. 
The dirt road, suitable for all types of vehicles, goes all the way to the beach of Percheles, a beautiful setting with palm trees, and the beach of Minas. Those of you driving, please pay attention to cyclists and walkers in the area.
Heading South from Percheles, you can get to the lovely beach of Palomarico through a trail also leading to Parazuelos, the last beach in Mazarrón, right next to the road to Puntas de Calnegre.
You can access to Percheles on the RM-332, from Mazarrón to Águilas, taking the Cañada de Gallego/Percheles exit (RM-D21).

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