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Almadenes Canyon

Espacio natural protegido
Calasparra y Cieza

Spanish name: Cañón de Almadenes
Protected Wildlife Reserve

Almadenes Canyon. Calasparra and Cieza In the upper course of the Segura river, near the towns of Cieza and Calasparra, sits this riverbank wooded area declared a Protected Nature Reserve in 1992. The canyon covers an area of 116 hectares and a length of 11 kilometers, 2 along the Quípar river and the remaining 9 on the Segura river. Since this is a site of Community importance and Special Bird Protected Area, the canyon is also included in the Red Natura 2000 network.
This ravine is shaped by millions of years in which the Segura river has run through the mountain ranges of Molino, Palera and Almorchón, breaking faults and creating vertical walls of over 100 meters in height.
In this beautiful setting there is also a reservoir (Mulata) and a karst landscape (Losares), where water has shaped pits, caves and gorges, among others.
The riverbanks are home to many animals, including mammals such as beavers, amphibians such as freshwater turtles, natterjack toads and green frogs, as well as salamanders (gallipato) and a number of species like herons and various bird species.
This protected area is also home to two archaeological sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999: la Cueva de los Monigotes and Sima de la Serreta, from the Copper and Bronze Periods.
In the document  Descent of Almadenes Canyon you can see our experience in Calasparra
You can also visit a list of companies that perform descents on the River Segura in different types of boats from Cieza to Blanca, swim including if you like.
Almadenes Canyon. Calasparra and Cieza
Almadenes Canyon. Calasparra and Cieza
Almadenes Canyon. Calasparra and Cieza
Almadenes Canyon. Calasparra and Cieza
Almadenes Canyon. Cieza. -Murcia-
Almadenes Canyon. Cieza. -Murcia-

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