Panorámicas de Calasparra Calasparra, a city surrounded by four rivers and two reservoirs, sits on a privileged location where visitors can enjoy not only the magnificence of its landscape, but also a wide variety of outdoor activities including canyoning, speleology and rafting in Cañón de Almadenes, known to be a natural habitat for otters and waterbirds. One of the most interesting places in the area is Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, the sanctuary home to the patron saint of Calasparra. The chapel is a natural crevice with pure water flowing from a natural spring in the stone roof.

The star product of Calasparra is rice; in fact, it was the first rice in Spain to be distinguished as a Designation of Origin. The different varieties and quality of this rice have opened the doors to international recognition.

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Panorámicas de Calasparra
Iglesia de los Santos in Calasparra
El Molinico in Calasparra
Fuente del Arrocero in Calasparra
Plaza y Fuente del arrocero in Calasparra
Iglesia de la Merced in Calasparra
Calle Mayor in Calasparra
Iglesia de San Pedro in Calasparra
Torre del Reloj in Calasparra
Santuario Virgen de la Esperanza in Calasparra
Museo del Arroz in Calasparra
Río Segura in Calasparra
Panorámicas de Calasparra
Panorámicas de Calasparra
Panorámicas de Calasparra


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