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Ajauque Wetland and Salty Ravine

Espacio natural protegido
Fortuna, Molina de Segura, Santomera y Abanilla.

Spanish name: Humedal del Ajauque y Rambla Salada

Humedal del Ajauque y Rambla Salada The 1632 hectares of this area cover parts of the municipalities of Fortuna, Molina de Segura, Santomera and Abanilla. In 1998 it was included in the Natural Resource Management Plan and in 2000 declared Special Bird Protected Area mostly because of the large colonies of stilts.
The Thermal Baths of Fortuna are the source of this area which collects water from nearby mountains such as Charco and Serretilla. A large four-kilometer network of ravines which usually get water only in a few months, although the torrential nature of the rain led to the construction of the Santomera reservoir in 1966 to collect and control ravine waters, which traditionally tended to overflow.
The wide range of plants, mostly reeds, everlasting, grass and salicornia, and animals, is home to many different types of animals, including Montagu's harriers, stone curlews, egrets, terns and the abovementioned stilts. This ecosystem results from the formation of ponds from underground waters that feed permanent salty puddles.
Humedal del Ajauque y Rambla Salada


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