Iglesia de San José This village is known as the Murcian Palestine because of its low soil humidity and dry riverbeds, next to which the surrounding palm trees make visitors feel as if in a little oasis. The name Abanilla derives from the Arabic al-Banyla, meaning "White City". It was the Arabs who built a fortress in Lugar Alto (High Place) to protect the town. Up until its independence in the 19th century, Abanilla was under the Order of Calatrava. The commander levied taxes and tithes from the Commandery House, which stands proudly today.

Around the town, water scarcity has shaped a breathtaking desert landscape, with the Rambla del Chicamo being its most striking feature.

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Iglesia de San José
Calle Mayor
Calle Santa Cruz
Casa Cabrera
Casa de la Encomienda
Casa Pintada
Fuente de la Calle Mayor
Ayuntamiento de Abanilla
Lavadero Municipal
Monumento a la Santísima y Vera Cruz
Monumento al Moro y al Cristiano
Olivar de Abanilla
Paisaje Desértico
Paisaje de Palmeras
Panorámica de Abanilla
Plaza de la Constitución
Plaza de la Purísima
Río Chícamo
Monumento al Sagrado Corazón
Fuente del Algarrobo. Abanilla
Auditorio Municipal de Abanilla


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