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Concha Segura Theatre. Yecla

Spanish name: Teatro Concha Segura

Teatro "Concha Segura" The present "Concha Segura" Theatre is located on the site where the former "Casa Panera del Pósito" was situated, being constructed and adapted between 1886 and 1887. This work was entirely done by the Local Council.
In 1890 the architect Justo Millán Espinosa, was in charge of remodelling the theatre facade and in 1899, the theatre, not named so far, was called "Concha Segura", paying tribute to the so-called actress from Yecla, who was born in the same place where the theatre was later built.
The building has been redesigned several times and the last part of the original proyect was in 1983, this was designed by the architect Miguel Puche Vizcaíno, and has provided the theatre with all the necessary elements for the smooth running of the building.
The theatre is based on a 612m2 site, with a rectagunlar ground plan, and a 17.90 high façade.
Inside the building we can find two different parts; the first one is made up of the main foyer and two sets of side stairs, which lead towards the general plan and the stage, comprise the second one.
Today the machinery and stage ligthing have been adapted to theatres presents needs, the furniture and decoration was fully renewed following the ornamental elements used by Justo Millán for this constructions. It is also quite remarkable to see the pictorial decoration on the ceiling by the painter from Lorca, Manuel Muñoz Barberán, the creation of a new control and showing room, and the remodelling of the orchestra pit.

Teatro "Concha Segura"
Teatro "Concha Segura"
Teatro "Concha Segura"

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