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Calle Aire 3
30009 El Llano - Molina de Segura Telf:  647 605 905 / Company Website

Charate CHARATE is a company specializing in active tourism and adventure that offers a number of outdoor sports and leisure services. 
The company provides training courses on mountain activities for sports people  at different level, from beginners to highly experienced mountaineers.
We offer a wide service portfolio so that people can choose their favorite activity and learn gradually, understanding and practicing newly-gained knowledge to move to higher levels safety and confidently. The idea is to help people progress and evolve in sports and mountain activities, but also to allow them to gain the experience needed to face new, more challenging goals.
Rafting - Charate
Ravine - Charate
Coastering  - Charate
Cave expeditions - Charate
Climbing - Charate
Climbing - Charate
Canoeing- Charate
Bungee jump  - Charate
Bungee jump - Charate
Coastering  - Charate
Coastering  - Charate
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