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Route from Casa Leyva to Las Brujas ravine

Circular 10.5-kilometer route

Route from Casa Leyva to Las Brujas ravine
The route starts in the Sierra Espuña Campsite and continues on road PR-MU 79, going over the El Berro ravine towards Sierra Espuña. After leaving behind the road and the beautiful views of El Berro and Morrón de Alhama, continue the signs leading into the sierra through the paths of Camino del Agüica and Camino del Lomo.
The continuous climb gives a break when the road to La Perdiz is reached. Once on this road, take an old forest path on the left. Under the dense forest and accompanied by the smell of rosemary, go through the two large firewalls, the second of which leads to a narrow path under the shade of the trees. In the distance arises the magnificent rocky walls of Paredes de Leiva and the elegant rocky masses of Alhama and Totana. At this point, this path meets the path of Senda del Agua.
After a third firewall there is an old historical house, Casa de Leiva, from where the path continues towards the Visitors Center. Shortly after there is a path on the right leading to the old Tuberculosis Hospital, from where there is another path towards the forest road of the Valley of Leiva. On the way up, it is possible to see the remains of an old plaster furnace. Once there, continue on the GR-252 (white and red marks) all the way to Valle de Leiva, were there is a gate impeding vehicles to continue. Later on this path, go pass the road to Restaurante La Perdiz and the path senda del Dinosaurio on the left, and keep on walking on the PR-MU 57, from where you should take a right shortly after and go towards Barranco de las Brujas, where the road down to the ravine and Berro starts.

Wikiloc Map by Gizeth

Route from Casa Leyva to Las Brujas ravine

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