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Diving in Mazarrón


Spanish name: Bucear en Mazarrón

Diving in Mazarrón DIVING AREAS
  1. El Bajo de Emilio o Piedra de Muelle (6). Top of an underwater mountain with many groupers, conger eels, dentex, snappers, sunfishes, etc. Depth: 14.4 – 33.5 meters.
  2. La Isla de Paco (6). Perfect for beginners. Large variety of vegetation and animal life. Depth: 0 – 14.4 meters.
  3. Azores (6). Abundant sea life: groupers, lobsters, moray eels and conger eels, among others. Depth: 42 meters.
  4. El Freo (6). Large variety of big fish. Depth: 37 meters.
  5. Isla de Cueva lobos (6). Island with large posidonia prairies and animal life.  Depth: 0 – 24 meters.
  6. Nalón (6). Spanish Armada minesweeper sank in 1999. Depth: 33 meters.
  7. Cala del Faro (6). This cove is perfect for beginners. Posidonia prairie and small species including octopuses, damselfish, flounders and seabasses. Depth: 2 – 9 meters.        
(N) Number in parenthesis: check Region of Murcia dive area maps
Diving in Mazarrón

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