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Rincon Beach

30877 -Mazarrón-

Spanish name: Playa del Rincón

Rincon Beach Features:

  • Length: 270 meters
  • Average width: 10 meters
  • Land use: Medium
  • Sea: Mediterranean
  • Type of beach: Semi-Urban
  • Seabed: Sand
  • Type of ground: fine and grey sands
  • Nudity: Allowed
  • Protected area: Sí
  • Coordinates: 37°33'44.822"N,  1°19'06.757"O

Supervision team: Lifeguards and first aid
Emergency phone number: 112
Cell phone signal: good


Access and parking:
Easy access from Cartagena or Mazarron from RM-332 highway.
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* Many beach services are only available during the tourist season, which varies depending on the municipality, although it typically goes from June 1 to September 15.

Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach
Rincon Beach


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