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Beaches in Lorca

Larga Beach. Beaches in Lorca Lorca, the second largest municipality in Spain, has a 9-kilometer stretch of untouched coast between the municipalities of Águilas and Mazarrón. The beaches, coves and environment in this area are very peaceful. All beaches are inside the Cope Cape and Puntas de Calnegre Regional Park, meaning they cannot be urbanized. The only exception is Puntas de Calnegre, where there is a small fishing village. These beaches, perhaps the most unknown in the Region of Murcia, have something beautiful and peaceful about them that makes a walk on the area coves, cliffs and trails (the main one is GR-92) truly enjoyable.
There are two ways to get to the beaches of Lorca depending on your destination. Having said that, remember there is no road between Ciscar cove and Siscar beach, although there is a trail and dirt pathway in terrible condition if you want to walk from one to the other. In any case, you can get by paved or dirt road to all these beaches, with the exception of Honda cove, accessible only on foot. Honestly, we believe that riding your bike or going for a good walk is the best way to enjoy these coves and the environment.
One possibility to get to this area is to drive to Puntas de Calnegre on the RM-332 (Mazarrón to Águilas). Then, take the Cañada de Gallego exit on the RM-D21 and keep driving until you get to Puntas de Calnegre. Once there, continue on the RM-D21; after a couple of kilometers you will find a dirt road to your left that says “playas de Lorca” (beaches of Lorca). This dirt road goes to the beaches of Calnegre, Baño de las Mujeres and Siscal. San Pedro beach is very near them, but you have to walk to it. After passing Siscal beach, road conditions worsen significantly so we suggest you don't continue driving unless you have a 4WD. This dirt road continues down to a ravine from where you can walk to Honda cove...make sure to visit it, it's lovely!
You can also get to Puntas de Calnegre on the RM-332 road to Mazarrón. Take the Puntas de Calnegre exit on the RM-D21, but on the opposite direction indicated above. Another option would be to drive to this area on the A7 freeway, taking the Ramonete/Puntas de Calnegre exit.
The second possibility to get here takes you through the South route: Blanca cove to Larga beach. In this case, take the A7 freeway to Águilas and then the Calabardina - Cabo Cope exit. Once on the RM-D20, after a few meters you will find the RM-D14. Take it. At one point, there is a gas station on your left, then a right turn and immediately after, right opposite El Pocico restaurant, take the “Camino el Cantar” road on your left. After a few kilometers, follow the signs for “CRS-24-96”, which will be on your left. It will take you straight to Blanca cove, Larga beach and the rest of coves in Cabo Cope (Águilas) if your are heading South or the beaches of Lorca if your are going North.
If you want to get to other Lorca beaches on this road, go pass the Blanca cove...  but only if you have a 4WD! If you have a regular car, go back until you find a road on your right that goes across the ravine all the way to Hierros beach. Once there, continue on the dirt road that goes along the coves, with the last one being Ciscar. The section between the coves of Ciscar and Honda can be walked on the GR-92.
Larga Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Blanca Cove. Beaches in Lorca
Hierros Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Leña Cove. Beaches in Lorca
Junquera Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Gruta Beach
Baja Mar Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Onda Cove. Beaches in Lorca
Siscal Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Baño de las mujeres Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Calnegre Beach. Beaches in Lorca
Puntas de Calnegre Beach. Beaches in Lorca

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