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The Roman House on the Street La Era

Spanish name: Casa Romana de la Calle Era

The Roman House on the Street La Era The preserved house form departs from a nucleus of houses that was finding at a proximate hill to the port. The houses constituted the unique nucleus clearly residential of the epoch tardorroman studied to the date. They interpret themselves like uni-familiar houses with rooms for several uses.

The moment of the construction of the houses corresponds with the moment of complete production and prosperity of the factory of salting. The remains of the materials located at the house indicate that it had to do with a sector with true purchasing power for the numerous volume of found coins and the abundant material of importing and the trousseau.

We have to suppose that we are in front of nucleus dedicated population to administrative activities or commercial once them industry was entailed on saltings. 

The most complex houses had: reception for different uses, bedrooms, patio, kitchen and cistern, and they remembers the scene of the home classical roman model, with a central room about wich the different sojourns are distributed. They seen to be people that preserve his roman traditions: model of house and to devise urban although with a marked local character like they indicate his materials and constructive system.

The Roman House on the Street La Era
The Roman House on the Street La Era


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