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Patron Saint's Festivities of Abanilla Districts

Pedanías de Abanilla

Spanish name: Fiestas Patronales de las Pedanías de Abanilla

In the summertime most districts in the municipality of Abanilla celebrate their patron saint's festivities, with popular dances, parades, fireworks, etc.
May 13 at La Umbría, festivities in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.
June 29 at El Partidor, festivities in honor of Saint Peter.
June 29 at Los Carrillos, festivities in honor of Saint Peter (one week before or after the festivities of El Partidor).
July 16 at Cañada de la Leña, the Virgin of Carmen.
August 14 at Collado de los Gabrieles, Our Lady of Remedies.
August 15 at El Tollé, Virgin of the Assumption.
August 29 at Macisvenda, St. John the Baptist (the beheading).
September 1 at El Cantón, Sacred Heart of Jesus.
September 14 at Mahoya, Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Vera Cruz.
September 20 at Barinas, Our Lady of the Rosary.
September 29 at Salado Alto, the Immaculate Conception.

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