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Museum of the Western Roman Baths in Águilas

Calle Quintana, 12
30880 Águilas Telf:  968 493 287

Spanish name: Museo Termas Romanas Occidentales de Águilas

Western Roman Baths in Águilas The Western Roman Baths of Águilas were found by chance in 1790 during the foundation works of a new building in the street Rey Carlos III, on the junction of streets Quintana and Martínez Parra. In 1981, also coinciding with works in the same lot for another construction project, the semicircular bath (Alveus) of Caldarium and part of the Hippocausts were found following excavation works.
In the year 2000, the remains were cleaned and exhibited on this site. Part of the Caldarium subsoil, the Hippocaust located under the semicircular pool and comprised of four brick arcades,  and the heat-generating furnace (praefumium) used in the 4th century in a salted fish production plant, were also found. The Roman thermal baths combined hot and cold cubicles located in three different areas: Frigidarium or cold room; Tepidarium or lukewarm room and Caldarium or hot room.  
The Oriental Roman thermal baths, also located in Águilas, were built halfway through the 2nd century.
Western Roman Baths in Águilas
Western Roman Baths in Águilas
Western Roman Baths in Águilas
Western Roman Baths in Águilas

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