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Murcia Bullring

Ronda de Garay, 48,
30003 Murcia Telf:  968 23 94 05 / Company Website

Spanish name: Plaza de Toros de Murcia

Bull Ring 19th century. Work by Justo Millán. Circular building with four bodies structured around eclectic pilasters. The Ring, with a maximum height of 18.5 meters and a diameter of 53 meters, sits 15,000 people.

The construction of Murcia's Bullring, also known as La Condomina Bullring, began on October 11, 1886. The project was assigned to Justo Millán, an architect from Hellín. After 11 months of work, the bullring was inaugurated on September 1, 1887. Tickets was the first bullfight were sold after a few days, although the actual event did not meet expectations as the bulls were not brave enough. When inaugurated, the Murcia bullring was one of the biggest and most magnificent in Spain.

Architecturally speaking, the bullring design is eclectic and  uses iron and masonry as construction materials. The building pattern is that of a typical coliseum, with openings segmented in three parts and circular pieces facing the outside, all features of eclectism.

The bullring is owned by the Bernal family since 1933.

During the bullfighting season in Murcia, coinciding with the city's September festivities, some of the best matadors> come to town for us all to enjoy the art and excitement of bullfighting.

Bull Ring
Bull Ring
Bull Ring
Bull Ring

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