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Molina House

Calle Jara
30201 -Cartagena-

Spanish name: Palacio de Molina

Casa Molina Molina House, built in the 19th century in the old headquarters of Cartagena, was home to the Pinares Marquises. In 1923, it lodged the king Alfonso XIII and his wife Victoria Eugenia. The monarchs came to inaugurate a monument to the Cavite Heroes and the Yatch Club. During the Spanish Civil War, the house was used by the popular Army as a center for leisure activities and training of young soldiers. In 1986, the palace was declared site of Cultural Interest and since the year 2000,  it hosts exhibitions of the Regional Handcrafts Center. In 2005, it became property of the Cartagena City Hall.
This three-story building has two facades of Baroque and Neoclassical style: the front or main facade in calle de la Jara and the back facade in calle Honda  One of the main features in the entry are the Toscan order pilasters. In the past, the inside of the house had interesting sculptures and furniture, as well as a library, ballroom, art gallery and chapel. Nowadays, after refurbishing works aimed at adapting it as Handcrafts Center, most of these rooms have disappeared.
Casa Molina


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