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Isabella Arch and San Blas Vaulted Niche

Calle Isabel La Católica
30510 -Yecla-

Spanish name: Arco de Isabel La Católica y Hornacina de San Blas

Arco de Isabel La Católica
One of the main features of this church is its historical arch built for the visit to the city of the Catholic Monarchs and possibly Columbus on August 4, 1488.
In the 16th century Yecla began worshiping San Blas, building a chapel in honor of this saint at the the Asunción church. In the 17th century, the Brotherhood was created and a tribute image placed on the glass, neogothic vaulted niche of the church's white façade in street Morera.
The San Blas festivities are held the first weekend in February. The main day is Saturday afternoon, when a bonfire is made opposite the Saint's vaulted niche so that young people can jump over the fire and purify their souls. On the Sunday morning parade thousands of people march along the saint carrying sugared holy bread decorated with typical San Blas bow ties. As tradition has it, before eating this bread one needs to pray a Holy Father to avoid a throat infection. On Sunday evening there are many fun activities in Plaza Mayor, including sack races and piñatas, among others. 


Arco de Isabel La Católica
Arco de Isabel La Católica
Arco de Isabel La Católica
Arco de Isabel La Católica

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