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Calasparra Bullring

Calle Ordoñez, s/n
30420 Calasparra Telf:  968 721 238 / 625 090 305

Spanish name: Plaza de Toros de Calasparra

Bullring "La Caverina" The bullring "La Caverina", in Calasparra, was built through hobbies taurine a billiard player named Juan de Amoraga. The square was inaugurated in the quarter of the Caverina, in 1896, with a bullfight which starred John Amoraga himself with a capacity of 4,227 seats.

It was in this place, in 1928, when a bull Samuel Flores gave him a serious goring the bullfighter "Vaquerito", as a result of which he died when he was tried to move to Madrid.
Bullring "La Caverina"
Bullring "La Caverina"
Bullring "La Caverina"
Bullring "La Caverina"

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