Cuisine in Ricote

Trifle One of the main features in Ricote's local cuisine is its traditional wines, which are rarely marketed. The municipality has a number of wineries, mostly owned by families, each with an average production ranging between 1,000 to 1,600 liters of red wine with a high alcohol content. The wines, which are dry with a soft hint, intense red color and pleasant aroma, make for a perfect match of any local dish.
The cuisine of Ricote is similar to the one in Murcia in that they skilfully use local meats, legumes and vegetables, giving meals a very Mediterranean taste. Some of the star dishes in the area are potaje de habichuelas (bean stew), garbanzos y arroz (chick peas and rice), habichuelas con cerdo y hojas de cardo (beans with pork and thistle leaves), gachasmigas ruleras de harina con tropezones (flour porridge with small pieces of meat), cocido con pelotas (stew with meatballs), empedrado de arroz (colorful rice dish) and various salads.
Local desserts, reminiscent of the Muslim Period, also offer little delicacies such as trifles, wine rolls, butter cakes,the typical sugar-coated chick peas,  and many more.
Grilled meat with potatoes

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