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Diving in La Azohía

Spanish name: Bucear en La Azohia

La Azohía. Cabo Tiñoso DIVING AREAS
  1. Cala Cerrada (7). Cove with one single access to the sea. Perfect for beginners. Depth: up to 30 meters.
  2. Cueva del Lago (7). Perfect for all divers, regardless of their experience. From this cave it is possible to access an interior natural lake of over 70 meters in length. Depth: 3 – 12 meters.
  3. El Arco (7). The most famous dive in the area, with abundant underwater Mediterranean landscapes. Depth: up to 37 meters.
  4. Punta Falcón (8). Area sheltered from the Levante winds (East) with unique characteristics, at least in Spain. Depth: up to 34 meters.
  5. La Farola (8). The tip of Cabo Tiñoso is known for slight currents caused by two bays. As a result, there are a lot of schools of predators, benthic species and a peculiar flora. Depth: up to 54 meters.
  6. La Garita (7). Next to an old military site, rock formations have created many raked terraces where it is possible to see knobbed tritons. Depth: up to 30 meters.
(N) Number in parenthesis: check Region of Murcia dive area maps
La Azohía. Cabo Tiñoso
Diving Areas in Cabo Tiñoso

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