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Diving in Aguilas


Spanish name: Bucear en Águilas

Diving in Aguilas. Cabo Cope DIVING AREAS
  1. La losa del Cobacho (2). This area, only for advanced divers, has shipwrecks such as Montoya, Sable and  Hermanos Mayor, as well as fish like groupers, barracudas, dentex, swallow-tail sea perches, and sunfish. Depth: 24 – 42 meters.
  2. El Rescullador (2). Sheltered from the Levante winds (East). Area with a rocky seabed and plenty of maigres, sea urchins and colorful fish.  Depth: 10 – 20 meters.
  3. El Jardín (2). Easy dive in an area with many groupers, snapper, dentex, octopuses, slipper lobsters, moray eels and conger eels. Depth: 25 meters.
  4. Piedra de Santa María (2). Perfect for beginners.  In this area there are lobsters, red scorpion fish, damsels and ornate wrasses. Depth: 17 – 21 meters.
  5. Cueva del Mármol (2). Easy access and low difficulty. The area is called "cueva de mármol" (meaning "marble cave") because the interplay of shadows and lights creates amazing shapes on the white limestone. Depth: 15 – 20.5 meters.
  6. Cueva de la Virgen (2). Easy, almost no current. In this area divers can see the tail of a small plane and two wrecks: Ana María and Nueva Mi Teresa. Depth: 25 meters.
  7. Fontanet (2). Easy, although occasionally there are strong currents. Divers can see the stern of the Fontanet ship, some torpedoes, as well as many black-spot grenadiers and lizard fish. Depth: 12 – 19 meters.
  8. San Francisco de Asís (2). Medium level. You dive directly from the cape. Depth: 21meters.
  9. La Fuente de Cope (2). Advanced level. Schools of barracudas, damselfish, rainbow wrasses, ornate wrasses, octopuses… Depth: 30 – 32 meters.
  10. La Losa (1). Deep, intense dive with occasional currents and medium visibility. Depth: 30 – 34 meters.
  11. La Piedra de la Rosa (1). Deep dive of medium-high difficulty. A ship was wrecked in this area to favor reef live. Visibility level: medium - good. Depth: 25 – 28 meters.
(N) Number in parenthesis: check Region of Murcia dive area maps
Diving in Aguilas. Cabo Cope
Diving in Aguilas. Isla del Fraile and Cabo Cope in the background

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