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Jana ClayCraft by Deco

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Decoration and accessories

Jana Taller de Manualidades Bride bouquets, barrettes, hair-bands, bobby pins, clothespins, X-mas items, decoration boxes, napkin rings, mirrors, vases, table centers, frames, picture frames and anything you can possibly imagine.
Jana Taller de Manualidades is a young, unique Spanish company. The art of shaping flowers with Deco Clay polymer mass was discovered and patented in Japan by Kazuko Miyai in 1981. This art is widely used in the United States and Japan, but in Europe there is only a handful of people that practice it. Deco Clay polymer mass shaping is truly hand labor. Any creation is unique and exclusive because every leaf, petal, pistil and stamen is done individually and later put together to form a beautiful flower. We create all kinds of compositions to decorate your home and offer exclusive presents that are true pieces of art.
Jana Taller de Manualidades

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