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Animal Center Aldea Blanca

Calle Muro de la Sal, 16
30370 Cabo de palos
La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena, Murcia Telf:  968 564 227 / Company Website

Logo Aldea Blanca In the Animal Center Aldea Blanca we offer the following services


Any service that your pet needs, in all matters relating to:

     -Internal Medicine
     -Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning




We specialize in reptiles (chameleons, tortoises, snakes, lizards, etc..).

We offer a friendly and personalized service, excellent rates and service at home. In Aldea Blanca will find everything you need for your pet. We are in Cabo de Palos, La Manga del Mar Menor.

Sale of animals.
Animal Accessories Shop.
Animal drugs.
Fish and birds.
Analytical and vaccinations.
Delivery service.
Dog grooming.

Sales of livestock Aldea Blanca Schnauzer

In Aldea Blanca sell dogs over 80 races (Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Fox Terrier, Toy Poodles), cats (Persians) fish, rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, squirrels, chinchillas, etc..), Birds (macaw Ara ararauna) and reptiles (chameleons, tortoises, snakes, lizards, etc).


ACCESSORIES & aquarium:

Shop for Animal Accessories

Aldea Blanca hamster accessories. In Aldea Blanca we have a wide variety of beds. Also necklaces for all tastes and all types of pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets and iguanas. We also have a wide variety of accessories for our smaller pets such as hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, prairie dogs, etc..

And an extensive library on animals that are sure to find the book that guides you to care for your pet, whatever their preferences when choosing your pet. In addition, we distribute a large assortment of dog kennels. We have cages for all types of birds and rodents.

Animal drugs

We have all kinds of sprays, collars, pipettes and pest control products. Aldea Blanca Buy medications you need for your dogs, cats, fish, rodeores, birds and reptiles.

Fish and birds

Aldea Blanca betta fish. We have a wide variety of fish, both cold water and tropical. Go to Aldea Blanca to find the tank you need, we have all sizes and shapes to fit the place I want to enjoy it.

If what is the marine aquarium will also have all kinds of aquariums and accessories for this modality. And a wide assortment of tropical marine fishes with spectacular shapes and colors. All in feeding and medication.

These are just some examples of the variety of birds can be found in our facilities. Would be to name a few parrots, lovebirds and other tropical birds:

     White CanarAldea canariosios.
     The colorful and friendly corrugated Australian parakeet.
     The colorful Gouldian Finch.
     The prolific and friendly zebra finch.
     The crested nymph or carolina.
     The parrot kramer.
     The spectacular and colorful macaw.



Aldea Blanca animal feed tinned food

In Aldea Blanca sell food for dogs, cats, fish, rodents, birds and reptiles. We work with top brands such as Hills, Royal Canin, Advance and Eukanuba.

We also have tins and tubs of all kinds for pets. And to reward your pet or just because you feel like we have a wide assortment of edible treats and toys. Give occasionally a whim.

Logo Aldea Blanca
Veterinary Center Aldea Blanca
Veterinary Center Aldea Blanca
Veterinary Center Aldea Blanca

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