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Semi-Permanent Enamel Plis-Plas - Manicura DeBelén

Spanish name: Plis-Plas Esmaltado Semi-Permanente

Manicura DeBelén Exclusive offer by Manicura DeBelén.
Plis-Plas enamel, made of top quality products, dries fast and is available in over 60 colors so that you can choose your favorite style! The main difference between our inhouse manicure and this permanent enamel is time. Plis-Plas lasts between 10 to 15 days and we can do it in just 25 minutes for only €20.
Come and see us at C/ Frutos Baeza, 2. Bajo 30004 Murcia
Tel:  657 333 111 / 968 906 222
For further information, drop us a line at:
Manicura DeBelén


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