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Regional Park of Sierra del Carche

Protected Wildlife Reserve
Jumilla and Yecla

Spanish name: Parque Regional Sierra del Carche

Sierra del Carche On the Northwest of the Region of Murcia, between the municipalities of Jumilla and Yecla, sits the Regional Park of Sierra del Carche. The highest peak in this sierra, part of the Subbetic mountain range, is Madama at 1372 meters. The park is included in the Natura 2000 Network, as it is a Site of Community Importance and part of the Natural Resource Management Plan since 2002.
Geologically speaking, Carche has dipping faults, a salt diapir and several ravines that give this park its uniqueness. One of the main features of the 102 species at the park is the presence of pray birds, including eagle owls, short-toed eagles, Montagu's harriers and booted eagles. In addition to the presence of mammals commonly found in Mediterranean settings, such as bats, hedgehogs, rabbits and shrews, there are more infrequent species in this region, such as wild cats, badgers, martens and beeches, which was believed to be extinguished. As for the flora, there are five habitats of significant value, including ground plants (protected) and pine tree and holm-oak forests.
Other sites of interest at the park are a number of settlements from the Bronze Age and the Iberian period (Castellas Cove, Romanía and Castillicos del Salero). North of the park we find some Roman villas, as well as an aqueduct, a 17th century Pozo de la Nieve (ancient constructions where our ancestors stored ice) and the most important inland salt flats in the Region.
Sierra del Carche


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