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The Veronicas City Wall

Calle Verónicas, 4
30004 Murcia

Spanish name: Muralla de Verónicas

The Veronicas City Wall 12th century. A section of the defensive line of the Hispano-Muslim city, based on two defensive lines; the towered wall and the fore-wall. It was repaired continually throughout the early Middle Ages as well as later.

Important section of wall that was inside the former Veronicas convent  (XVIII century), that after demolishing all the church except in 1985, uncovered one of the largest preserved sections of the wall of the city, both height and length. The wall de Verónicas consists of revellín, walk round or Barbican, and the main wall with two towers, one almost complete and partially embedded in the church Veronicas, evidencing the complex suffered reusing.

The Veronicas City Wall
The Veronicas City Wall
The Veronicas City Wall
The Veronicas City Wall

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