History & Culture

The Goblins Residence

Puerto Lumbreras

Spanish name: Casa de los duendes

Casa de los Duendes Casa de los Duendes is the typical house of a bourgeois family from the mid 19th century and one of the best remains from its time in Puerto Lumbreras. The house, of great architectural and cultural value, belonged to a family known as “Los Mayorajos”. One of the main features inside the house is the Augusto Vels handwriting room.
A few years ago the house was bought by the Puerto Lumbreras City Hall, which is implementing a plan to restore and use the house as a public space, and also to promote the tourist and cultural development of the municipality in general and of the town's old headquarters in particular. 
Casa de los Duendes
Casa de los Duendes
Casa de los Duendes
Casa de los Duendes


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