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Santa Bárbara Chapel

Calle Santa Bárbara

Spanish name: Ermita de Santa Bárbara

Ermita de Santa Bárbara This lovely chapel built around 1609, sits on a little SW-facing hill, in a picturesque rural environment. The construction is simple, rudimentary and popular, with three Baroque wards. In the 18th century, important changes were made to the chapel, one of them in the facade, with new naked bricks clearly different from the rest of building.
The main features inside the chapel are the Baroque-style plasterwork carvings from 1866, a sculpture of San Isidro Labrador from 1949, a set of sculptures by San Miguel Arcángel representing young Tobit sent from Valencia in 1950, as well as a slightly deteriorated painting of Santa Catalina from the 18th century.
Ermita de Santa Bárbara
Ermita de Santa Bárbara

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