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Ramón Gaya Museum - Murcia

Pl. Santa Catalina, S/N
30004 , MURCIA Telf:  968 221 180

Spanish name: Museo Ramón Gaya - Murcia

Legacy of the Murcian artist, favorite son of the city, that the Murcia Council located in two buildings acquired for that purpose in Plaza de Santa Catalina.

Ramón Gaya In 1980, a group of friends of the Murcian painter Ramón Gaya, among whom were artists, journalists, etc. .., they decided to make a tribute consisting of a major exhibition of his work largely in the galleries Chys, Zero and Casino de Murcia.
Furthermore deserved alongside these initiatives, the City Council agreed to appoint him as favourite son of the city. This prompted the painter to donate to his native Murcia a legacy consisting of a hundred works of art. Subsequently the first donation was expanded with the addition of a paintings series of his Mexican time that were missing in the initial legacy. From that moment Chapultepec, Cuernavaca and the first homages to Velazquez and Carpaccio joined Firence cakes, Rome and Venice and the homages to Titian, Remblandt, Victoria, Shepherd...

Ramón Gaya
Ramón Gaya

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